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Dear founders of InsideHigherEd and Jeff Bezos.

Please get your business development people together to create the following service: the InsideHigherEd Educational Technology Daily Kindle Download.

This service would:

  • Aggregate all the most relevant educational technology articles, blogs, and news items from around the Web in one Kindle download.
  • Provide an editorial "wrap" for each piece chosen.
  • Be produced so that all the reading can be done within 1 hour. With 1 download, and 1 hour of time, the reader can be up-to-date on the worlds of education and technology.
  • Provide a method to mark articles for commenting, either directly by the Kindle keyboard or through an online mechanism.

Why Kindle? Why not simply an aggregated Website? Mostly because reading on screen is really difficult. I want my daily consumption of materials to be on e-Paper. I want to be able to carry all my daily professional reading around with me. I don't want to spend the time to aggregate this - as I want someone to do this for me.

Why do we need InsideHigherEd? Because in this deluge of information the service of professional editors making choices about what should be read, what is worth spending our most valuable commodity on (time), has has become very valuable. Each day I wade through tons of RSS feeds trying to find good nuggets. I'd be much happier if someone I trusted did this work, and then packaged it all up in a format I could take with me.

Why Educational Technology? Pure selfishness. This is the area that I read about. This idea could of course work for any discipline or specialization. Something like educational technology works because their is a finite number of good materials on this topic. At the same time, the number of articles, blogs and news stories that live at the intersection of education and technology is getting too large to keep track of without some editorial assistance.

Why is this a business development idea? Because I would pay for this service. I'd pay $10 a month. I'd buy a Kindle DX if this was offered.

The next challenge that publishing and technology needs to solve is where publishing and technology meet - and is all about helping us overcome time and attention scarcity. We are all overwhelmed by the amount of information we want to follow. This seems like a great business opportunity.

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