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My New Laptop Pledge
June 19, 2012 - 9:00pm

These are the first words that I have typed on my new laptop. After years of living with a succession of 15 inch MacBook Pros, I finally pulled the trigger on a 13 inch MacBook Air.  

The relevant specs: 2 GHz Intel Core i7, 8 GB of RAM, 512 MB solid state hard drive.

I stand before you today to offer my solemn pledge that I will:

  • Refrain from downloading applications for the purpose of testing, evaluation, or experimentation. The only applications that will reside on this MacBook Air will be apps that I use daily for work - including Chrome,  Firefox, Microsoft Office (2011), and 1Password. Any and all application testing will be confined to the old MacBook Pro.
  • Avoid cluttering up the Desktop and the Documents folder with files of any type. Data will be stored DropBox, Google Drive and an external drive. Only the most relevant and current documents will be kept in local storage, and the default will be to access and store documents and files in the cloud.  And keep the Dock uncluttered with infrequently used applications
  • Never use this MacBook Air for video editing or media post-production. All media work will be done on the MacBook Pro.

This time I am determined not to cruft up this laptop with any extraneous apps and files. This will be a MacBook Air that acts like a Chromebook - but a Chromebook with iTunes and offline capabilities.  

Why take this pledge? Because every computer I've ever owned has started to slow down after year one, and ended up being sluggish and having intermittent freezing by year two.  The Macs have been better than the Windows machines, but they all degrade significantly in a couple years.  

Yes, I practice safe computing.  The OS is always kept current, updates are always run.  My theory is that any machine that relies on local apps and local files will eventually break bad.  This is why the real Chromebook idea is so attractive - and why I'm hoping that with this Air I can retain the Chromebook concept but enjoy Apple's hardware goodness and iPhone / iPad app and data integration.

Have any of you taken a similar pledge?


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