Not Sure Why I Switched to Evernote

Under-utilizing a tool?

November 4, 2013

I’m writing this post on Evernote.  And I’m not sure why.

Are you an Evernote user?

Before Evernote I’d write my IHE blog posts in TextEdit. The reason that I used TextEdit is that it never put weird characters or funny formatting into the web publishing platform that IHE utilizes.

All around me it seemed that the tech-forward folks, the cool kids, are all using Evernote.  Being a great cool people wannabe I decided to make the switch.  

For all I know the cool people have already moved on, and Evernote as passé as Pandora.  (Full disclosure…I am listening to classical music with my daughter’s Spotify credentials as I type this.  Is that cool or dorky?).

There are some things that I think I like about Evernote:

  • Notes are automatically backed up to the cloud.   Evernote shares this feature with every single technology now utilized by humanoids.  But still.
  • Notes are organized in Notebooks, with Notes being shown by month and in the order that they were created.  This makes it fast to find what I was working on.
  • Evernote syncs with my iPhone and iPad, so I’m able to have all my materials in one place.   At EDUCAUSE I copied my itinerary into an Evernote note (is that redundant…is it just an Evernote?), and was able to look on my iPhone about where I was supposed to go.
  • The formatting seems easy to work with, and copying and pasting does not create the weird characters that we get from Word.
  • It is easy to share an Evernote (or Evernote note) by e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc….although I never do any of these things.

My sense is that I’m only starting to scratch the surface of Evernote.  That Evernote has lots of features, abilities, attributes, and accessories that I don’t know about - but that would change my life if I did.

The fact that I’m underutilizing Evernote seems to be in line with how I interact with most technologies nowadays.  

Mostly I want simple tools that work reliably and consistently.   

Rarely do I want to be social, and only sometimes mobile.  

A laptop, a keyboard and a web connection and I’m mostly good to go.

What cool technologies are you totally underutilizing?


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