Tech News Is Boring

Some predictions and a list of my daily tech news wanderings.

April 21, 2014

Each day I trawl the Interwebs for the latest tech news.  And most days I come away unsatisfied.

Is it just me, or has tech news turned boring?  

Even big tech news tends to be more exasperating than illuminating.  

How many of you want to throw you iPhone (or whatever tech news reading screen in use) into the ocean every time that you read about Facebook paying some ridiculous sum of money (usually with ridiculously overvalued stock) for a tech company with revenues that will never ever justify the cost of acquisition?   

My theory is that tech news died with Steve Jobs.

Everything nowadays is incremental.  The tech breakthroughs that we need, such as much longer battery life or web connectivity that is vastly faster and more abundant and cheap, are running up against some fundamental limitations of the laws of physics.

What will be the next big tech announcement?

Announcements that will jolt us out of our tech news stupor?

Who knows, but I have a few guesses:

  • Amazon will announce a smart phone, one bundled with Prime and with a cheaper and faster cellular contract.
  • Apple will come out with a big iPhone, a phablet, somewhere in dimensions between an iPad mini and the existing iPhone. 
  • Google will buy Kaltura, with the plan to move Kaltura’s media management backend onto the YouTube infrastructure.
  • IBM will turn Watson into a mobile app - and it will change how we think of mobile apps.  (Has this already happened and I just missed it?).
  • Amazon will buy Hulu or maybe Netflix (or both).
  • Google will buy FitBit.  
  • Facebook’s valuation will plunge.

What are your (specific and falsifiable) tech predictions for the next 12 months?

What tech news would catch your interest?

Where do you go for your daily tech news?

My daily tech news ramblings include:

NYTimes Tech
Google News Tech
Yahoo Tech
Reddit Technology


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