Thank You sibyledu

What are you reading?

June 2, 2016

Members of our IHE community will recognize sibyledu’s contributions to our discussions.

Sibyledu’s comments are always considered, informed, and collegial.

But that is not why I’m name checking sibyledu. Many of you are dedicated, consistent, critical, and smart contributors to our community.

The reason that I want to say thank you to sibyledu is that sibyledu answered my question “what are you reading?"

On 6/2 sibyledu wrote:

"Right now I'm reading "Evicted" by Matthew Desmond, which you know about. Before that I read Rory Dicker's "A History of US Feminisms," which is an excellent brief introduction to the subject."

Thank you sibyledu.

My fantasy (and I guess my fantasies are pretty tame) is to know what you are reading.

My greatest wish is to have a taxonomy of the book that our IHE community reads.

This census of IHE community books would be dynamic - constantly being each time one of us starts or finishes a book.

Metadata would accompany the titles.  What format are you reading the book?  Paper, digital, audio?  Why did you choose this format?

Why did you choose the book that you chose?  A recommendation from a friend?  A book review?  Picked up while browsing at a bookstore - or surfing online?

What is your favorite type of book to read?  Are you a nonfiction or a fiction person - and why?

I would love to know the library of books that you keep at your home and in your office?  Whenever I visit anywhere (office or home) the first thing I do is peruse the bookshelves.   A book collection is a window into one’s beliefs, ambitions, and expertise.

Why is it that sibyledu seems uniquely willing to share what they are reading?

Surely you are reading a book.  It would be lovely to hear about what you are reading.



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