Toward a Humanist Educational Technology?

What would that look like?

August 19, 2015

If Educational Technology (EdTech) is a discipline (a live question), then we are a discipline at a crossroads.

Will EdTech be an enabler for a postsecondary agenda that originates outside of the concerns, values, and goals of educators and learners? An agenda that stresses efficiency and privileges those outcomes that can be easily quantified?

Or will EdTech be a method to advance a vision of learning and teaching that insists on the primacy of relationships, people, and outcomes that may be less amenable to discrete measurement, sorting, and ranking?

Can we envision and work towards a humanist educational technology?

Could EdTech be a discipline that is based in the humanities?

Would the humanities even have us?

What would the leadership of the educational technology discipline need to say or do that would make us legible and attractive to our colleagues in the humanities? What would be need to stop doing?

What are the norms and values of the humanities that educational technology should adopt? What should we disregard?

What would a humanist educational technology discipline look like?



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