User Error (My Own) With Outlook for Mac?

Why I must be causing the spinning wheel of death.

April 23, 2014

I tend to think that I’m the cause of any technology problem that I’m having.

Perhaps my tombstone will read: PICNIC: "Problem in Chair, Not In Computer”.

So I’m convinced that the problems that I’m having with Microsoft Outlook for Mac 2011 - Version 14.4.1 must be something that I’m doing wrong.

Any modern e-mail client running on a new fast machine (MacBook Air - 10.9.2 1.7 GHz i7 with 8GB of RAM) shouldn’t be having problems.

The spinning wheel death - sometimes call the beach ball of death or even BBOD - that I’m getting with Outlook for Mac must be caused by something that I’ve done wrong.

The funny thing is that in talking to other Mac users on my campus I hear similar stories.  Many folks I know have moved to only use the Office 365 Outlook Web interface (doing Outlook through the browser).  Some very smart people in my acquaintance have installed Windows on their Macs just so they can run the Windows Outlook client.

Asking Mr. Google about this issue yields a surprising number of PICNIC people such as myself. Microsoft Support has a page called Outlook for Mac 2011 crashes or hangs at startup.

Microsoft does suggest a 6 part solution - but I am afraid that if I do the things that Microsoft suggests (such as finding and manipulating files called com.microsoft.outlook.database_daemon.plist) will break things even worse.

Non-Microsoft solutions, such as those found on AskDifferent, don’t seem to be any less scary.

So tell me. Are you using Outlook for Mac? Are you having the problems that I am having?

Is this a PICNIC case, or a story of a more widespread problem in Microsoft’s Outlook client for Macs?

When can we expect a new Outlook for Mac?  (Is the latest product really Outlook Mac 2011?)   

Have you had better success in running Microsoft products on your Mac OS’s than I have?


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