Using My iPhone Poorly

An edtech pro, but not on the phone.

September 30, 2013

If mobile is the future of learning technology then I may be in trouble. I'm bad at mobile. 

Here are 5 reasons why I probably don't deserve to own an iPhone:

1. Only Consumption:  All I do on my iPhone is read, listen to audiobooks, and watch videos. I don't think that I've ever created anything with an app. My fingers are too fat. The screen is too small. I'm lost without a big keyboard and a mouse.

2. No Creation: My inability to create on an iPhone goes beyond a failure with the apps. Maybe it is okay not to be writing documents or editing presentations (or making music mashups or whatever), but I don't even do normal creation stuff. I'll read my e-mail on my iPad, but almost never respond. The iPhone is like an e-mail warning system. A message that if there is an important e-mail that I need to find my laptop.  

3. No Photos: Everyone seems to be taking pictures all the time with their phones. Apple makes the camera system sound more powerful than a full-blow DSLR. How are you so facile with taking pictures with an iPhone? It seems hard to zoom. I can never get the thing out quick enough. I always forget that my phone is a camera, and then when I take a picture I'm as likely to accidentally take a picture of myself as whatever is in front of me. 

4. No Texting: Okay, limited texting. I text exactly 3 people. The people that I happen to live with. The reasons that I sometimes text the high school junior and fresh-person that lives in my house is that they don't read my e-mails.  

5. No App Buying: I almost never download or purchase apps. What's the point? I'm almost always doing only 8 things on my iPhone: reading e-mail, reading web pages, reading e-books (Kindle app), listening to audiobooks (Audible app),  reading the newspaper (NYTimes app), and looking at course materials (iTunes U / LMS apps), looking at maps, and waking myself up with the alarm clock.  I don't play games, I don't network socially, I don't do anything particularly productive.  The power of the App Store and the iOS ecosystem is basically wasted on me.

One thing I miss about my Pantech Breeze cell phone, ("everything you need, simplified") is actually making phone calls. I'm terrible at making phone calls with the iPhone.   Nobody can ever hear me. I can't hear anyone. I never hear the ringer. I'm always dialing by accident.  Is it just me, or is the iPhone not a great phone?

I believe in mobile learning. Mobile is where our students want to go. Mobile is the future of global learning. If you are an edtech person you better be a mobile person as well.  

Where did I go so iPhone wrong?

Are you good at mobile?


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