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The worst thing about e-books is that I can’t see what you are reading. I am an inveterate book gadfly, novel snooper, bookshelf peruser. If I see you reading a book I will ask you about your book. If I see you not reading a book I will ask you what you are reading. The first thing I do when visiting a colleagues office is completely ignore them, and give my full attention to the books on their bookshelf. I’ve been known to take books off shelves that don’t belong to me (the books or the shelves), and then closely question the owner of said books on their history, quality, and disposition. A complete stranger with a book in hand is a fast friend.  I see the world through our books.
The Kindle ruins all this. Your books are invisible to me. The e-book kills what is most pleasurable about the book, its presence as a material object. Without being able to scan your book cover I have no way to start a conversation about what you are reading. 
Someone needs to invent a Tinder for books.  An app that shows what nearby people, in a specific geographic radius, are currently reading.  Swipe right if you want to chat about the book being read, swipe left if there is no reading common ground.
I am going to try to take a first stab at solving this tragedy of the invisible and antisocial Kindle book. Starting tomorrow I am on vacation, and for me vacation equals reading. (Why I go anywhere if all I want to do is  read is a mystery to me). In the off chance that we run into each other on holiday, I present to you my full list of vacation books stuffed into my Kindle (in alphabetical order):
Designing the New American University by Michael M. Crow and William B. Dabars
Digital Adaptation by Paul Boag and Smashing Magazine
The End of Power by Moises Naim
The Finder by Steven Rome
How Universities Work by John V. Lombardi
Imagining the University by Ronald Barnett
The Innocent (Will Robie Book 1) by David Baldacci
Killing Hope (Gabe Quinn Thriller Series Book 1) by Keith Houghton
Linked: The New Science Of Networks Science Of Networks by Albert-laszlo Barabasi and Jennifer Frangos
Mediactive by Dan Gillmor
MOOCs (MIT Press Essential Knowledge) by Jonathan Haber
Night Heron by Adam Brookes
The Org: The Underlying Logic of the Office by Ray Fisman and Tim Sullivan
Outlander: A Novel by Diana Gabaldon
Remaking College: The Changing Ecology of Higher Education by Mitchell Stevens and Michael Kirst
A Short History of the World by Christopher Lascelles
Station Eleven: A novel by Emily St. John Mandel
The Sugar House: A Tess Monaghan Mystery (Tess Monaghan Novel Book 5) by Laura Lippman
Upload by Mark McClelland
Us: A Novel by David Nicholls
Viral by James Lilliefors
The Whites: A Novel by Richard Price
Wool Omnibus Edition (Wool 1 - 5) (Silo series) by Hugh Howey

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