Why Do You Use Windows?

A sincere question.

December 16, 2013

Windows has become the minority platform at edtech conferences.

Look around any educational technology gathering and you are likely to witness a multitude of MacBooks (Airs and Pros) and iPads.   

Is this the same story at conferences that you attend? On your campus?

At a recent conference they broke us up into working groups, and I had a sudden fear that someone would walk-off with my Air as I watched 7 other participants plonk near identical models on our round table.

So if you are a Windows person, a connoisseur of all things Redmond, please stand up and be counted!

Why do you remain dedicated and loyal to the Windows experience?

I myself spent most of my career on Windows. Windows is the platform that carried me through a dissertation, my first academic gig, my first (and only) foray into the corporate world, and back again into academia.  

From 1994 to 2006 I was a Windows person.   

And I still think that many programs work better on Windows. Particularly Microsoft programs. My e-mail client on my Mac is Outlook 2011. I wish it wasn’t. I still feel somewhat hamstrung when I do Excel on the Mac. Not sure why.

I’ve also never really liked or understood the Finder in OS X. Windows file management just feels to me to be more intuitive.

But still, for me the decision is not even close. At this point I can’t imagine going back to Windows. Here is why:

Mac-over-Windows Reason #1. The OS (operating system) Is Robust:  

I was always having to rebuilt my Windows machines. After a year or so it would slow down, boot times would take forever, and I knew it was time to re-install the OS. This seems to happen much less in OS X. The system is reliable and stable over a much longer time period.   

Nor am I always doing OS updates. It seemed like Microsoft Critical updates occurred all the time, and usually at the worst times. Apple OS updates have been comparatively rare and painless.  

I’ve heard this story from other users as well, as I’m curious to hear from those of you in edtech that still like the Windows OS better.

Mac-over-Windows Reason #2.  The Hardware / Software Combination is Great:

The MacBook Air just seems (13-inch) just seems like the ideal combination of portability and power.  The thing is light, durable, and plenty powerful enough for my needs.  The design feels right.   

For you Windows folks, what is the analog to the MacBook Air in the PC world? What is the best portable system with a solid state drive, great keyboard and battery life, and solid construction?

Are you a Windows person who decided to switch off of a Mac? 

Are you a Mac person who is frustrated with Apple, and wishes that your Mac could do things as well as Windows?  (Like run Outlook without freezing?)

Why should us Mac people take another hard look at Windows? Is the Surface a platform that should be convincing us to examine our current choices in laptops?

Why should we be giving Windows a second look?


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