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The World's Best EdTech Backpack?
March 14, 2013 - 9:00pm

So I need a new backpack. The world's best backpack for anyone that works at the intersection of learning and technology.

Do you have any recommendations?

Here are my backpack requirements:

Made for Both Everyday Use and Travel: This will be the backpack that I'll bring with me to campus everyday. That I'll travel with from meeting to meeting. This same backpack will be my only carry-on whenever I get on an airplane.

Designed for Laptops:  My laptop is a 13 inch MacBook Air.  I want a snug and padded sleeve, with plenty of room on the bottom so the laptop is not jostled when I set the bag down.  I have not decided if I want a dedicated laptop compartment or not.

Good Pockets for Accessories and Other Stuff:  Besides carrying my laptop, the bag will need to carry pens, cables, maybe an iPad, perhaps a Kindle, keys, thumb drives, presentation clickers, and maybe some books and magazines. I want to have pockets that zip securely and that are easy to access to fish out my wallet or phone.    

Padded Straps and Chest Strap:  I wear my backpack all the time.  Really thick and comfortable straps and a good chest strap system to distribute the weight are both really important.  Thick top and side handles are important.  A padded back is a must.  

Bright Colors:  I'm tried of pure black backpacks. I want my backpack to be bright, happy, and optimistic.   At the same time the backpack must look professional enough that I would not be embarrassed to bring it to a meeting with the dean or provost.

Simple Design:  I'd  like to avoid tons of extraneous straps hanging out of the back of the pack. The design should be simple and elegant, with just the right amount of straps and pockets.

A Bottle / Thermos Pocket:  A side water bottle pocket, deep enough for a big water bottle or travel coffee mug, is a must.

TSA Compliant:  It would be great if I could avoid having to take my laptop out of my bag during airport security.  I think that they are making TSA compliant bags that fold down and can be sent through the scanner.

What other requirements should be on this list?

What backpack do you use?  Why did you buy it?

Does the perfect backpack for edtech people even exist?



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