#ACEMeetSF Twitter at 10

An anniversary and a conference.


March 22, 2016

In honor of Twitter's 10th anniversary, I bring to you an edited version of my tweets and retweets from last week's incredibly inspiring ACE conference in San Francisco:

Constance St.Germain ‏@DrCStGermain  Mar 14San Francisco, CA

Institutions can't innovate effectively w/o knowledge of cost; managerial decision making requires level of uncertainty #ACEMeetSF #ACE2016

ACE ‏@ACEducation  Mar 14

Alana Dunagan of @ChristensenInst: as the flow of resources to #highered slow, it forces change. @TIAA #ACEMeetSF


Most of us are here today because somebody spoke up for us --- we must speak up for our students! President Dozier @savannahstate #ACEMeetSF

Laura Bryan ‏@DrLBryan  Mar 14

Reid Hoffman cofounder exec chair LinkedIn. Advice for students, "being network intelligent is fundamental" #ACEMeetSF @ACEedu @transy

Kiernan Mathews ‏@Kiernan_Mathews  Mar 14

When politicians say they love the uneducated, they’re really saying they fear the democratizing power of education. @trinityprez #ACEmeetSF

Liz McMillen ‏@lmcmillen  Mar 14

"If higher ed can't do social justice, who will?" @TRINITYPREZ accepting Hesburgh award at #ACEMeetSF

Lorelle Espinosa ‏@lorelleespinosa  Mar 14

@LuisPonjuanPhD: We ask students to be college ready; how about campuses being student ready? #ACEMeetSF

Lorelle Espinosa ‏@lorelleespinosa  Mar 14

@LuisPonjuanPhD: how are you diversifying your leadership to reflect the students you serve? Shout out to @ACEFellowsPro #ACEMeetSF

The Jed Foundation ‏@jedfoundation  Mar 14

At #ACEMeetSF: "I hear you doesn't mean I see you & I see you doesn't mean I understand you" @UHpres on diversity.

Lynn M.Gangone ‏@LynnMGangone  Mar 14

Marta Tienda! Her passion & commitment to social justice is palpable. @Princeton @ACEducation #ACEMeetSF

Mary Churchill ‏@mary_churchill  Mar 14

Diversity in its broadest sense is where we need to be going as educators. M. Tienda - political views, religion, etc. #ACEMeetSF

Geoff Decker ‏@GDeckernews  Mar 14

#ACEMeetSF Tienda: Students should be required to learn about each other, require more students to take ethnic studies classes.

Mary Churchill ‏@mary_churchill  Mar 14

The budget should not always be the excuse for inaction. There are many low cost ways to make a difference. M. Tienda. #ACEMeetSF

Lynn M.Gangone ‏@LynnMGangone  Mar 14

"If not #highered who else?" Our challenge. What will we do to truly advance equity & social justice? #ACEMeetSF

Lynn M.Gangone ‏@LynnMGangone  Mar 14

See @LouisSoares grt work on post traditional students https://www.acenet.edu/news-room/Documents/Post-traditional-Learners.pdf … these are the majority of college students! #ACEMeetSF

Mary Churchill ‏@mary_churchill  Mar 14

Exclusion by default is more pernicious than exclusion by design - M. Tienda on equity in higher ed. #ACEMeetSF

Mary Churchill ‏@mary_churchill  Mar 14

On students, persistence, and success. If you can't see a clear path, you might not be the best decision maker. #ACEMeetSF

Mary Churchill ‏@mary_churchill  Mar 14

Our "traditional" student is what we used to think of as the "non-traditional" student #ACEMeetSF

Mary Churchill ‏@mary_churchill  Mar 14

Our focus on access in higher ed has distracted us from equity, cost, and affordability. #ACEMeetSFet activity

Mary Churchill ‏@mary_churchill  Mar 14

Tienda -higher ed is compromising the future of our country by balancing our budgets on the shoulders of young people #ACEMeetSF

Mary Churchill ‏@mary_churchill  Mar 14

Marta Tienda -the diversification of college aged population increasing while education inequality rises #ACEMeetSF

Mary Churchill ‏@mary_churchill  Mar 14

Matthew Goldstein on the importance of teaching & building a career around teaching in higher ed. Teaching key to student success #ACEMeetSF

Joyce Ester ‏@DrJoyceEster  Mar 14

This morning's plenary asks "How should higher education lead the conversation on inequity?" #ACEMeetSF

Mary Ellen Davis ‏@med744  Mar 13

Johnson: Need "chief narrative officer" to tell data-based story. Data Language not engaging. Tension btwn data & marketing teams.#ACEMeetSF

Luanna Putney ‏@ACLuPut  Mar 13

More women needed in top roles to promote diverse points of view #ACEMeetSF

Kiernan Mathews ‏@Kiernan_Mathews  Mar 13

@KState CAO Mason: President formed budget advisory committee chaired by CAO, with deans, faculty senate reps, student reps. #ACEmeetSF

Y Salomon-Fernandez ‏@PrezYves  Mar 12

Exceptional panelists, great audience & always great company w/@insidehighered, @UVenus super star @mary_churchill

Mary Churchill @mary_churchill

Loving this session at #ACEMeetSF and rockstar @YvesSFernandez on the presidential panel! https://twitter.com/lynnmgangone/status/708741720163258368 …

Mary Churchill ‏@mary_churchill  Mar 12

Congratulations @MaryPapazian on your next presidency!

Laura Bryan ‏@DrLBryan  Mar 12

Terry Hartle #ACEMeetSF says federal policies in higher ed changed from focus not only on access but also focus on retention, completion

Mary Churchill ‏@mary_churchill  Mar 12

Trump and Sanders tapping into voter anger due to loss of jobs - the precariat. Insecurity + inequality = anger #ACEMeetSF

Mary Churchill ‏@mary_churchill  Mar 12

For 80% of American families, incomes are lower than they were 10 years ago. #ACEMeetSF Explaining the 2016 Election

Mary Churchill ‏@mary_churchill  Mar 12

#ACEMeetSF Majority of Americans are not doing well economically. Many of us in #highered do not see it. Explaining the 2016 Election

 Mary Churchill ‏@mary_churchill  Mar 12

Terry Hartle #ACEMeetSF the coarsening of American life & use of outrage by the media to manipulate viewers. Explaining the 2016 election

Lynn M.Gangone ‏@LynnMGangone  Mar 12

#movingtheneedle #ACEMeetSF ACE network leaders teach at 1st Saudi women's #highered forum

Laura Bryan ‏@DrLBryan  Mar 12

ACE survey chief academic officers. want training fundraising, budgets, financial mgt. #ACEMeetSF #movingtheneedle

Lynn M.Gangone @LynnMGangone

I'm so #proud to be a part of the ACE Women's Network #ACEMeetSF #movingtheneedle @ACEducation

Lynn M.Gangone @LynnMGangone

#ACEMeetSF #movingtheneedle look at all these #womenleaders ACE state network chairs and friends

Lynn M.Gangone ‏@LynnMGangone  Mar 12

#ACEMeetSF @ACEducation #movingtheeedle excellent presentations by #womenpresidents at ACE state network chairs mtg


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