What's New at University of Venus? 2 June 2012

What’s New at UVenus:

●        Curt Rice at University of Venus at The Guardian with Why Women Leave Academia and Why Universities Should Be Worried.

June 1, 2012

What’s New at UVenus:

●        Curt Rice at University of Venus at The Guardian with Why Women Leave Academia and Why Universities Should Be Worried.

●        If you missed the #Femlead Twitter chat, on Research and Writing as Leadership, led by Liana Silva (@literarychica) on Tuesday, May 22, 2012 from 2-230pm EDT, you can read the archive of the conversation here.


What’s New With Our Writers:

●        Melonie Fullick attended and presented  at Canada’s Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences, held this year in Waterloo, Ontario. Her two presentations, for the Canadian Communications Association, were on journalism ethics (co-written and presented with Maija Saari) and media coverage of university education in Canada.

●        Sarah Emily Duff participated in a live chat on international student mobility on the Guardian Higher Education Network’s blog.

●        Afshan Jafar’s TEDx talk on “Progress and Women’s Bodies” can be found here

●        Bonnie Stewart presented - and met Melonie & Lee in person! - at Canada’s Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciencesin Waterloo Ontario. She spoke to the Society for Digital Humanities on Massive Open Online Courses and their implications for higher education. She also appeared in Charlottetown on a PEI Writers’ Guild panel about writing and monetization.

●        Janni Aragon organized three professional development talks for the Academic Women’s Caucus. One talk dealt with how the University of British Columbia women faculty responded to findings that demonstrated a gender salary differential and the next two talks centred around choices and balance. Janni took notes and hopes to heed the speaker’s astute advice! Janni is also in the planning stages of organizing Mentoring Cafes for undergraduates. She’s excited and will keep readers posted.

●        Janine Utell appeared on the Guardian Higher Education Network talking about leadership in highered (highlights from a live chat held on 21 March 2012).


Our Writers At Other Blogs:

●        Elizabeth Lewis Pardoe wished everyone Happy Mother’s Day and shared the Mystery of the Bunbeg Mainer.

●        Melonie Fullick (at Speculative Diction blog)  wrote about the Canadian government’s cuts to education research, and discussed the implications of two new legal decisions for Canadian universities.

●        Bonnie Stewart shared information on living organ donation, and working from home prompted her to write Care & Feeding of Networked Humans: A Primer.

●        Janni Aragon  explained why she broke up with Four Square and  weighed in with a review of the movie Battleship.


Coming Up:

●        Don’t miss the next #Femlead Twitter chat, on the rewards and challenges of Ph.D.s choosing an administrative career path, led by Shannan Palma (@shannanpalma) on Tuesday, June 5, 2012 from 2-230pm EDT.

●        Sarah Emily Duff will be attending and presenting at the Colonial Girlhood/Colonial Girls Conference at the University of Melbourne in June. Her paper discusses attitudes towards working-class girls in late-Victorian Cape Town.

●        Janine Utell will be heading up to Brown University in Providence, RI for the annual meeting of the Space Between (14-16 June), where she’ll be speaking on Sylvia Townsend Warner and Valentine Ackland.  And, on June 8, she’ll be doing an informal talk at Philadelphia’s Plays and Players on Tom Stoppard’s Travesties and James Joyce.


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