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Inside Higher Ed’s Student Success content hub, with a daily newsletter and web section, is offering actionable news, ideas, advice and inspiration to higher ed professionals who care deeply about ensuring all students have what they need to be successful in college and beyond. Year-round coverage will relate to academic life, the college experience, health and wellness, and life after college. In addition, each of these topics will be the focus of Student Voice surveys throughout 2023. 

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How to Contribute to Student Success:

The Student Success hub offers many opportunities for colleges and universities, two-year and four-year, to share information about practices, strategies and approaches their institutions (or specific departments or people within it) are using to promote student success.

We value the time of busy higher ed administrators and staff, so most Student Success content is to–the–point, with actionable advice, including quick tips, takeaways and inspirational stories. Following is a list of specific content needs. Opinion pieces, as well as research and survey data, are also welcome.

Have a story or advice to share? Click on any content type name with a link below (for an online submission form), or email [email protected] to offer a source or idea.

Success Program Launch
Summary of a new student success-related initiative at a college or university; why it was needed, what it looks like (for students and for professional team), how effectiveness will be tracked

Program Innovation
Highlighting one feature of a student success initiative (related to academics, campus engagement, wellness and/or career exploration/preparation) that is unique and worth modeling

Scaling Up Story
How one institution expanded the reach of a student success program

Academic Success Tip
Idea from a professor, advisor, tutor or academic affairs professional on a way of teaching, structuring a course, etc. that is promoting student success

Campus Engagement Tip
Idea from student affairs or other professional on getting students involved, making sure they feel heard, making sure they feel connected

Student Wellness Tip
Idea for keeping students healthy physically, mentally or emotionally, or addressing a concern in these areas

Career Prep Tip
Idea for campus career center programming or career-related initiatives led by academic programs or individuals anywhere on campus

Data-Based Decisions Tip
Idea for effectively collecting or using data related to student success

All In a Day’s Work
Sharing an uplifting memorable moment or conversation with a student facing a challenge, something that makes working in higher ed rewarding (identifying details omitted)

Positive Partnership
How a partnership within the higher ed industry or the community is leading to student success

Selling Student Success
Ideas and advice for getting institutional officials to prioritize student success

Funding Student Success
A look at costs related to establishing and continuing student success initiatives

Student Success Champion
A look at an executive-level student success administrator’s career trajectory and lessons learned

New On the Job
Profile of a person in a new student success-related role at an institution, covering why the new role was needed and what initial plans are


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