Exclusively for Insiders: Community College Students and the Pandemic | A Special Report from Inside Higher Ed


Exclusively for Insiders: Community College Students and the Pandemic

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In addition to serving as a resource for community college administrators to move their institutions forward effectively in the age of COVID-19, the articles and analysis within this report act as an excellent resource for leaders of four-year institutions and non-profits organizations missioned to support vulnerable student populations too. Higher ed faculty and staff can better understand what their most challenged students are likely to be experiencing at this time. Administrators will discover better ways to help these students. The administrators and faculty who lead the transfer process for their institutions, in particular, can gain insights into the strategies their institution may need to update and implement to recruit and retain these future transfer students.

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Topics Include

  • How the pandemic disrupted students’ lives
  • Asynchronous learning opportunities
  • Student feedback about what community college leaders could do to better support them
  • How to build community virtually
  • Ways to improve the transfer relationships
  • Planning and governance in the age of COVID-19


Table of Contents

Report's Letter

SECTION 1: Student Life and Learning

How the Pandemic Disrupted Students' Lives

The Moment Is Primed for Asynchronous Learning

Pandemic Increasing Suicidal Ideation

SECTION 2: Adapting to the Moment

How Tribal Colleges Are Innovating and Adapting

How Community Colleges Build Community Virtually

How Community Colleges Are Serving the Most Vulnerable

SECTION 3: Helping Students Navigate College

COVID Threatens Student Transfer

Guided Pathways Show Progress

College Promise Programs Wrestle With Pandemic Realities

SECTION 4: Planning and Governance

Community Colleges Don't Regret Early Decision for Online Semester

Community College Reopens. At What Cost?

Politics Influences Fall Plans


Number of Pages: 51 (6.46 MB PDF)

Date Released: November 18, 2020

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