2024 Survey of College and University Chief Academic Officers

Join us as we walk through the key findings of this year's Provosts survey.

Join an esteemed panel featuring George Justice, Ph.D., provost and executive vice president for academic affairs and professor of English at The University of Tulsa and Julian Vasquez Heilig, Ph.D., provost and vice president for academic affairs at Western Michigan University, to hear their thoughts on the exclusive findings from the latest 2024 Survey of College and University Chief Academic Officers.

Get firsthand perspectives on how these institutional leaders are navigating crucial topics impacting higher education today, including academic freedom and campus free speech, the viability of tenure, faculty and staff retention rates, artificial intelligence, DEI and more.

Inside Higher Ed's Colleen Flaherty and Ryan Quinn will lead a lively and thought-provoking panel discussion and audience Q&A, exploring key questions such as:

  • What share of provosts say that current world events have stressed their institution’s speech policies to the point that they may need to be revisited?
  • What measures are provosts taking to educate students, faculty and staff about the importance of free speech and how to engage with those with whom they disagree?
  • What is the rate of faculty and staff turnover that provosts are seeing at their institutions?
  • How many provosts report that their institution has published policies governing the use of AI, including in teaching and research?
  • What is the prevailing sentiment among provosts regarding the state of race relations on their own campus versus higher education as a whole?