Liberal Arts Summit 2024 | Liberal Arts and Innovation in the Digital Age

Reimagine the future of a liberal arts education in an increasingly digital world. 

Hosted in partnership with Vanderbilt University, the THE Liberal Arts Summit 2024 will gather leading voices from higher education and other sectors to reimagine the future of liberal arts education in an increasingly digital world. 

Delegates will gain insights into: how institutions teach and assess liberal arts worldwide; the power of international, cross-sector partnerships; practical strategies to harness the digital revolution; and the value of interdisciplinary approaches to elevate the relevance and impact of a liberal arts education.

Agenda themes:

Reinventing liberal arts in the digital age

  • How can liberal arts lead the charge for a collaborative learning model where creativity meets empirical reasoning and the real – and imagined – impacts of AI?
  • How can liberal arts programs demonstrate the unique value of the liberal arts to communities, employers and other partners beyond academia?


Fostering interdisciplinary innovation: Merging arts and sciences

  • Moving beyond the outdated dichotomy of arts and sciences, how can we use the array of insights from the liberal arts and integrate them to emphasize their enduring value in understanding problems and pioneering solutions, so that we can both adapt to and drive change in our communities?
  • How can we use interdisciplinary approaches to emphasize the value of a liberal arts mindset in pioneering solutions and adapting swiftly to changes throughout our communities?