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An anti-Semitic Web site is publishing the photographs and biographies of Jewish professors at the University of California at Los Angeles law school.

Eugene Volokh, a law professor at UCLA, wrote on his blog, The Volokh Conspiracy,  that he believes he set off the process when he apparently angered some participants in the anti-Semitic Web site after he answered an e-mail from a supporter of white supremacy and did so in a way that "wasn't overly friendly." In his reply, Volokh declined to engage in a discussion with the supporter of a hate group.

Volokh's e-mail, reprinted on the Web site of the Vanguard News Network Forum, prompted one participant there to review and publish the names of all faculty members at UCLA's law school. The names were then color coded, as the Web poster wrote: "Those in red are almost certainly Jews; those in blue, probably Jews or married to Jooz. [sic] I may have missed some. Counting only reds, it's 29 out of about 145."

This in turn prompted others on the Web site to say that the first posting had missed some Jewish professors. Debate about whether additional professors should be counted featured comments like these: a professor should be counted as Jewish because of "this closeup choice kike photo and the first name 'Stuart' " and because another professor "writes books and articles against the death penalty."

Mixed in with photographs and biographies of the law professors are statements like this (reprinted verbatim): "Not only can Whites barely get into these large Multi Cult state universities in representative numbers, but once in -- it's lifetime Jewey mindwashing time, young White, bright men and women!"

Several of the professors whose photographs and biographies are on the anti-Semitic Web site said that they were not aware of it until contacted for this article.

A UCLA spokeswoman said last night that all of the professors who are mentioned are being informed. In the past, racists have used information on such Web sites to harass people. The spokeswoman said that the Web site's use of UCLA professors "raises security questions" and that the university was monitoring the situation.

Volokh, discussing the postings on his Web site, wrote: "So, yeah, we're Jews. Yeah, we're overrepresented on university faculties, in law and medicine, in the Senate, on the Supreme Court. Speaking of Nazis, we were overrepresented on the Manhattan Project, too. The most powerful country in the world, America, is one of the ones that has been most open to Jews. Look at the most anti-Semitic countries in recent history: Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union, the Arab world. Right up there at the forefront of civilization and power, aren't they? Is it all the workings of The Conspiracy? Or is it just that the sorts of idiots who hate Jews do other idiotic things, too?"

Michael H. Schill, dean of the law school, is one of those named on the Web site. "While we consider ourselves to be the purveyors of free speech, we can't help but be sickened, and frankly, angered by the hatred and anti-Semitism that is the basis of the Vanguard web site," he said.

Schill added: "Posting the names and pictures of some of our faculty with racist comments is nothing short of despicable. But while they exercise their free speech in Internet rants, Professor Eugene Volokh is simply exercising the same Constitutional right by declining an 'invitation' to engage in a so-called discussion with those whose values and opinions have nothing in common with his own -- or for that matter with decent people anywhere."

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