Newly Tenured ... at Bloomsburg, Puget Sound, Wagner, Wheaton (Illinois)

June 13, 2012

The following individuals have recently been awarded tenure by their colleges and universities:

Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania

  • Kevin Ball, psychology
  • Nogin Chung, art and art history
  • Nicole Defenbaugh, communication studies
  • Alan Goodboy, communication studies
  • Christian Grandzol, management
  • David Heineman, communication studies
  • Karl Henry, biological and allied health sciences
  • Angela Hess, biological and allied health sciences
  • David Huber, academic support and advisement
  • Angela LaValley, communication studies
  • Brett McLaurin, geography and geosciences
  • Lori Metzger, nursing
  • Barry Nolt, biological and allied health sciences
  • Margaret O’Connor, business education and information and technology management
  • Sue O’Donnell, art and art history
  • Philip Osburn, chemistry
  • Yanhui Pang, exceptionality programs
  • Chris Podeschi, sociology, social work and criminal justice
  • Melissa Snyder, nursing
  • Michael Stephans, mathematics, computer science and statistics
  • Eric Stouffer, psychology
  • Deborah Stryker, exceptionality programs
  • Mark Usry, business law
  • David Walker, early childhood and adolescent education
University of Puget Sound
  • Kristin Johnson, science, technology and society
  • Kriszta Kotsis, art
  • Tiffany Aldrich MacBain, English
  • Garrett Milam, economics
  • Leslie Saucedo, biology
  • Ariela Tubert, philosophy
  • Barbara Warren, exercise science

Wagner College

  • Karen DeMoss, education
  • Donald Crooks, business
  • Horst Onken, biology
Wheaton College, in Illinois
  • Jeffrey Barbeau, theology
  • Darren Craig, physics
  • Kelly Flanagan, psychology
  • Brett Foster, English
  • Christine Gardner, communication
  • David Hooker, art
  • Beth Felker Jones, theology
  • Emily Langan, communication
  • Stephen Lovett, mathematics
  • Richard Richardson, evangelism
  • Noah Toly, urban studies and politics and international relations
  • Timothy Yontz, music education




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