Newly Tenured ... at Boston U., Washington and Lee

July 6, 2012

The following individuals have recently been awarded tenure by their colleges and universities:

Boston University
--Hatice Altug, electrical and computer engineering
--Sean Andersson, mechanical engineering
--Christopher Boyd Brown, church history
--Kristin Collins, law
--Marah Curtis, social welfare policy
--Wiebke Denecke,  Chinese, Japanese, and comparative literature
--Linda Helen Doerrer, chemistry
--Uri Tzvi Eden, mathematics and statistics
--François Gourio, economics
--Hyeouk Chris Hahm, clinical practice and social research
--Lynn O’Brien Hallstein, rhetoric
--Douglas Kriner, political science
--Evgeny Lyandres, finance
--Hengye Man, biology
--Harold Park, mechanical engineering
--Sarah T. Phillips, history
--Tyrone Porter, mechanical engineering and biomedical engineering
--Carrie J. Preston, English
--Shelly Rambo, theology
--Björn Reinhard, chemistry
--Robert D. Sloane, law
--Pamela Templer, biology
--Muhammad Zaman, biochemical engineering
--Katherine Yanhang Zhang, mechanical engineering and biomedical engineering

Washington and Lee University

--Mary Abdoney, science library
--Monica Botta, romance languages
--Niels-Hugo Blunch, economics
--Shawn Paul Evans, theater
--Stephan Fafatas, accounting
--Megan Fulcher, psychology
--Joseph Guse, economics
--Robert Humston, biology
--Frederick LaRiviere, chemistry
--Molly Michelmore, history
--Jeffrey Rahl, geology
--Sandy Reiter, business administration
--Jacob Siehler, mathematics


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