Newly Tenured ... at Point Park, U. of Minnesota, Virginia Tech

November 29, 2012

The following individuals have recently been awarded tenure by their colleges and universities:

Point Park University

  • J. Kaye Cupples, special education

University of Minnesota - Twin Cities

  • Ben Ansell, political science
  • Matthew Canepa, art history
  • Colin DeYoung, psychology
  • Marcus Dillard, theater arts and dance
  • Kale Fajardo, American studies
  • Mary Franklin-Brown, French and Italian
  • Sumanth Gopinath, music
  • Carol Hakim, history
  • Alex Jassen, classical and Near Eastern studies
  • Kurt Kipfmueller, geography
  • Malinda Lindquist, history
  • Alan Love, philosophy
  • Cheryl Olman, psychology
  • Michael Sommers, theater arts and dance

Virginia Tech

  • Rajesh Bagchi, marketing
  • Michael Bolding, forest resources and environmental conservation
  • Renee Boyer, food science and technology
  • Urs Buehlmann, sustainable biomaterials
  • Ivica Bukvic, music
  • Ali Butt, computer science
  • Yang Cao, computer science
  • Daniel Capelluto, biological sciences
  • Daniela Cimini, biological sciences
  • Jason Deane, business information technology
  • Pang Du, statistics
  • Matthew Dull, public administration and policy
  • Kevin Edgar, sustainable biomaterials
  • Matthew Gabriele, religion and culture
  • Paul Harrill, theater and cinema
  • Patrick Huber, physics
  • James Ivory, communication
  • Christine Kaestle, human development
  • Sarah Karpanty, fish and wildlife conservation
  • Paul Kelsch, landscape architecture
  • Inyoung Kim, statistics
  • Bettina Koch, political science
  • Chad Lavin, political science
  • Brian Lattimer, mechanical engineering
  • Louis Madsen, chemistry
  • Erika Meitner, English
  • Isis Mullarky, dairy science
  • John Munsell, forest resources and environmental conservation
  • Leyla Nazhandali, electrical and computer engineering
  • Kelly Parkes, teaching and learning, School of Education
  • Lydia Patton, philosophy
  • Kelly Pender, English
  • Paulo Polanah, sociology
  • Hazhir Rahmandad, industrial and systems engineering
  • Patrick Roberts, public administration and policy
  • Shane Ross, engineering science and mechanics
  • Emily Satterwhite, religion and culture
  • Eric Sharpe, physics
  • Pablo Sobrado, biochemistry
  • Eric Standley, School of Visual Arts
  • Elankumaran Subbiah, biomedical sciences and pathobiology
  • Eli Tilevich, computer science
  • Gresilda Tilley-Lubbs, education
  • Kris Wernstedt, urban affairs and planning
  • Jianhua Xuan, electrical and computer engineering
  • Yaling Yang, electrical and computer engineering
  • Laura Zanotti, political science
  • Jamie Zoellner, human nutrition, foods, and exercise


The following individuals have recently been awarded tenure by their colleges and universities:

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