Newly Tenured ... at Cal State Monterey Bay, Trinity Christian, U. of Hartford, U. of Puget Sound

June 4, 2014

The following individuals have recently been awarded tenure by their colleges and universities:

California State University at Monterey Bay

  • Brad Barbeau, business
  • Deborah Burke, service learning
  • Debra Busman, humanities and communication
  • Corey Garza, science and environmental policy
  • Catherina Ku, business
  • Ignacio Navarro, health, human services and public policy
  • Trish Sevene, kinesiology
  • Jill Yamashita, psychology

Trinity Christian College

  • David Brodnax Sr., history
  • Mandi Maxwell, mathematics
  • Joy Meyer, education
  • Thomas R. Roose, physics

University of Hartford

  • Theresa Abodeeb-Gentile, education
  • Frances Altvater, humanities
  • Catharine Balco, painting
  • Paige Bray, education
  • Jonathan Daigle, English
  • Andy (Wei) Hao, management/marketing
  • Lillian Kamal, economics/finance
  • Hashini Mohottala, physics
  • Katharine Owens, politics and government
  • Joshua Russell, music education
  • Ke Yang,  economics/finance

University of Puget Sound

  • Gareth Barkin, sociology and anthropology
  • Tim Beyer, psychology
  • Daniel Burgard, chemistry
  • Kena Fox-Dobbs, geology; environmental policy and decision making
  • Jeffrey Grinstead, chemistry
  • Alisa Kessel, politics and government
  • Brendan Lanctot, foreign languages and literature
  • Benjamin Lewin, sociology and anthropology
  • Julia Looper, physical therapy
  • Pierre Ly, international political economy
  • J. Brad Reich, business and leadership
  • Jennifer Utrata, sociology and anthropology
  • Steven Zopfi, music




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