Newly Tenured ... at Bloomsburg, Frostburg State, U. of Northern Colorado

August 15, 2014

The following individuals have recently been awarded tenure by their colleges and universities:

Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania

  • Mark Bauman, educational studies and secondary education
  • Todd Borlik, English
  • Todd Campbell, music, theater and dance
  • John Huckans, physics and engineering technology
  • Jennifer Johnson, psychology
  • Erik Kahn, mathematics, computer science and statistics
  • Arian Khaleghi Moghadam, economics
  • Babak Mohassel, sociology, social work and criminal justice
  • Jennifer Oast, history
  • Julie Petry, music, theatre and dance
  • Edward Pitingolo, accounting
  • Theodore Roggenbuck, English
  • Aberra Senbetta, economics
  • Jennifer Whisner, environmental, geographical and geological sciences
  • Stephen Whisner, environmental, geographical and geological sciences
  • Craig Young, early childhood and adolescent education.

Frostburg State University

  • Phillip Allen, geography
  • Rebecca Gallagher, kinesiology
  • Julie Hartman-Linck, sociology
  • Robert Hein, visual arts
  • Karen Keller, biology
  • Brent Kice, communication studies
  • Philip Klickman, music
  • Todd Rosa, educational professions
  • Lilly Ye, marketing and finance

University of Northern Colorado

  • Jack Barbera, chemistry/biochemistry
  • Margaret Berg, teacher education
  • Travis Boyce, Africana studies
  • Danielle Brittain, human sciences
  • Jill Burgett Burleson, music
  • Betty Cardona, applied psychology/counselor education
  • Molly Desjardins, English
  • Andrea Falcone, libraries
  • Aaron Haberman, history
  • David Hydock, sport and exercise science
  • Trent Lalonde, applied statistics/research methods
  • Christy Moroye, teacher
  • educationJennifer Murdock, applied psychology/counselor education
  • Kyle Anne Nelson, sociology
  • Youngjin Song, chemistry/biochemistry
  • T.J. Tomlin, history
  • John Tonai, art and design
  • Jay Trask, libraries
  • Isaac Wanasika, management
  • Suzette Youngs, teacher educatio



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