Newly Tenured ... at San Diego State, U. of Denver

October 14, 2014

The following individuals have recently been awarded tenure by their colleges and universities:

San Diego State University

  • Ashkan Ashrafi, electrical and computer engineering
  • Todd Braje, anthropology
  • Hung Chan, accountancy
  • Frederick Conway, anthropology
  • Patricia Cué Couttolenc, art and design
  • Elizabeth Dinsdale, biology,
  • Kathryn Farris, English and comparative literature
  • Victoria Gonzalez-Rivera, Chicana and Chicano studies
  • Christopher Harrison, chemistry and biochemistry
  • Anh Hua, women’s studies
  • Eunjeong Ko, social work
  • Panagiotis Mitropoulos, civil, construction, and environmental engineering
  • Perry Pauley, communication
  • Jess Ponting, hospitality and tourism management
  • Mitchell Rauh, exercise and nutritional sciences
  • Maria Rybakova, classics and humanities
  • Quazi Shahriar, economics
  • Mauro Tambasco, physics
  • Meredith Vaughn, teacher education
  • Patrick Walders, music and dance
  • Jonathan Luke Wood, administration, rehabilitation and postsecondary education
  • Ricardo Zayas Ventura, biology

University of Denver

  • Shimelis Assefa, library and information science
  • Rebecca Aviel, law
  • Jennifer Bellamy, social work
  • J. Todd Blankenship, biological sciences
  • Eric Boschmann, geography and the environment
  • Chris GauthierDickey, computer science
  • Kellie Keeling, business information and analytics
  • Christopher Lasch, law
  • Nancy Leong, law
  • Jeffrey Lin, sociology and criminology
  • Mohammad Mahoor, electrical and computer engineering
  • Ronnie Pavlov, mathematics
  • Rebecca Powell, geography and the environment
  • Matthew Rutherford, computer science
  • Derigan Silver, media, film and journalism studies
  • Michael Sousa, law
  • Margareta Stefanovic, electrical and computer engineering
  • Rachel Walsh, languages and literatures
  • Steve Wiest, music





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