Newly Tenured ... at Cedarville, Colby, Houghton, Middlebury, Mount Mercy, Prairie State

February 26, 2015

The following individuals have recently been awarded tenure by their colleges and universities:

Cedarville University

  • Elisha Injeti, pharmaceutical science
  • Austin Jacquith, music theory and composition
  • Sandra Yang, music history

Colby College

  • Chandra Bhimull, anthropology and African-American studies
  • Audrey Brunetaux, French and Italian
  • Maple Razsa, global studies
  • Tanya Sheehan, art
  • Christopher Soto, psychology
  • Scott Taylor, mathematics and statistics

Houghton College

  • Lori Huth, creative writing
  • John Rowley, chemistry
  • Jamie Potter, biology

Middlebury College

  • Svea Closser, sociology/anthropology
  • Florence Feiereisen, German
  • Rebecca Tiger, sociology/anthropology

Mount Mercy University, in Iowa

  • Christopher DeVault, English
  • Dennis Dew, psychology
  • Adam Ebert, history
  • Kristopher Keuseman, chemistry
  • Jennifer Rasmussen, education

Prairie State College

  • Carol I. Braun, dental hygiene
  • Natalie J. McGathey, mathematics
  • Rebecca L. Slagle, visual communications
  • Kisha M. Wells, English



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