Newly Tenured... at Alma, Cabrini, Clarkson, Denison, U. of North Georgia, Widener

March 6, 2015

The following individuals have recently been awarded tenure by their colleges and universities:

Alma College

  • Marcus Richter, library science

Cabrini College

  • Caroline Nielsen, biology
  • Melinda Harrison, chemistry


  • Ajit Achuthan, mechanical and aeronautical engineering
  • Stephen Bird, political science
  • Maria Gracheva, physics
  • Andreas Wilke, psychology
  • Lei Wu, electrical and computer engineering

Denison University

  • Annabel Edwards, chemistry
  • Erin Henshaw, psychology
  • Rebecca Kennedy, classics
  • Erik Klemetti, geosciences
  • Diana Mafe, English
  • Cheryl McFarren, theater
  • Heather Rhodes, biology

Heather Rhodes joined Denison’s Department of Biology in 2008. She holds a bachelor of science from the University of California, San Diego, and a doctorate from Duke University. She conducted post-doctoral research at Boston University and as a Grass Fellow at the Marine Biological Laboratories in Woods Hole, Massachusetts. A neuroethologist, Rhodes is interested in understanding the biological basis of social communication. She studies how sensory stimuli and endocrine state affect social behaviors in the African clawed frog. Rhodes is interested in understanding what cues naturally activate social and reproductive behaviors and how appropriate behaviors are selected by the nervous system.University of North Georgia

  • Alyssa Barnes, early childhood education
  • Renee Bricker, history
  • Elisa Carlson; theater
  • Sharon Chalmers, nursing
  • Jürgen Grandt, English
  • Kim Hudson-Gallogly, nursing
  • Evan Lampert, biology
  • Hosuk Lee, physics
  • Stacy Lin, English
  • Yen-Chun Lin, teacher education
  • Celeste Morris, theater
  • Laura Ng, English
  • Alex Olvido, biology
  • Benjamin Schoening, music
  • Wendy Walker, management
  • Amy Williams, early childhood education
  • Tony Zschau, sociology

Widener University

  • Jill Black, human service professions
  • Esther Brown, nursing
  • Geraldine Budd, nursing
  • Angela Corbo, arts and sciences
  • Annetta Fortune, business administration
  • Katherine Goodrich, arts and sciences
  • Linda Houser, human service professions
  • Xiaboa Li, education, innovation and continuing studies
  • Nadine McHenry, education, innovation and continuing studies
  • Kerstin Palombaro, human service professions
  • Sabitha Pillai-Friedman, human service professions
  • Dana Reisboard, education, innovation and continuing studies
  • Rose Schwartz, nursing
  • Merry Staulters, education, innovation and continuing studies
  • Jeannette Wyatt, human service professions



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