Newly Tenured ... at Augustana, Cal State Monterey Bay, DePaul, Hamilton

July 16, 2015

The following individuals have recently been awarded tenure by their colleges and universities:

Augustana College

  • Nathan Frank, physics
  • Brian Katz, mathematics
  • Araceli Masterson-Algar, Spanish
  • Tim Muir, biology
  • Mari Nagase, Asian studies

California State University at Monterey Bay

  • Luis Camara, cinematic arts
  • Judith Canner, mathematics
  • Arlene Haffa, science and environmental policy
  • Aparna Sreenivasan, science and environmental policy

DePaul University

  • Nesreen Akhtarkhavari, modern languages
  • William Jay Baglia, communications
  • Paul Booth, communications
  • Barrie Jean Borich, English
  • Jocelyn Carter, psychology
  • Jennifer Conary, English
  • Ronald Eltanal, cinematic arts
  • Amy Feiker Hollenbeck, education
  • Elissa Foster, communications
  • William Gilliland, biological sciences
  • Jaclyn Jensen, business management
  • Yvette Lopez, business management
  • Shiera Malik, international studies
  • Justin Maresh, chemistry
  • Melissa Markley, business marketing
  • Mark Potosnak, environmental science
  • Nicholas Ramsey, mathematical sciences
  • Zoe Robinson, law
  • Kerry Ross, history
  • Ana Schaposchnik, history
  • Cathrine Southern, chemistry
  • Richard Squibbs, English
  • Alexander Stewart, cinematic arts
  • Janet Sung, music
  • David Williams, political science
  • Jun (Jack) Xu, business marketing

Hamilton College

  • Emily Conover, economics
  • Andrew Dykstra, mathematics
  • John Eldevik, history
  • Nathan Goodale, anthropology
  • Adam Van Wynsberghe, chemistry
  • Zhuoyi Wang, East Asian languages and literatures


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