Newly Tenured ... at Clarkson, Hamilton, Meredith, Middlebury, Norwich, U of San Diego

June 9, 2016

The following individuals have recently been awarded tenure by their colleges and universities:

Clarkson University

  • Laurel Kuxhaus, mechanical and aeronautical engineering

Hamilton College

  • Russell Marcus, philosophy
  • Benjamin Widdis, literature and creative writing

Meredith College

  • Kevin Hunt, foreign languages and literatures
  • Cecilia Toole, education

Middlebury College

  • Leticia Arroyo Abad, economics
  • Mario A. Higa, Portuguese
  • Marta Manrique-Gomez, Spanish
  • Marybeth E. Nevins, anthropology
  • Edward A. Vazquez, history of art and architecture
  • Linda E. White, Japanese studies

Norwich University

  • David Blythe, management
  • Jeremy Hansen, computer sciences
  • Christine Latulippe, mathematics
  • Jocelyn Latulippe, mathematics
  • Jack Patterson, construction engineering management
  • Sean Prentiss, English

University of San Diego

  • Rae Anderson, physics
  • Kenneth Bates, marketing
  • Lauren Benz , chemistry and biochemistry
  • Derrick Cartwright, art, architecture and art history
  • Loredana Di Martino, languages and literatures
  • Aaron Gross, theology and religious studies
  • Rebecca Ingram, languages and literatures
  • Daniel López-Pérez, art, architecture and art history
  • Ian Martin, leadership and education sciences
  • Topher McDougal, peace studies
  • Ryan McKeon, finance and real estate
  • Jennifer Mueller, management
  • Truc Ngo, industrial and systems engineering
  • Lisa Nunn, sociology
  • Emily Reimer-Barry, theology and religious studies
  • Vivek Sah, finance and real estate



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