Newly Tenured ... at Connecticut College, DePaul, MIT, Western Michigan

July 13, 2016

The following individuals have recently been awarded tenure by their colleges and universities:

Connecticut College

  • Christine Chung, computer science
  • Jennifer Rudolph, Hispanic studies
  • Rachel Spicer, botany
  • Jeff Strabone, English

DePaul University

  • Windsor Aguirre, biological sciences
  • Mara Alcorn, theater
  • Meghann Artes, cinematic arts
  • Devin Bell, cinematic arts
  • Coya Brownrigg, theater
  • Emily Cauble, law
  • Ah-Chin Cheng, education
  • Shu-Chuan Chu, communications
  • Christopher Drupieski, mathematical sciences
  • Olga Kaler, music
  • Morag Kersel, anthropology
  • Jingjing Kipp, biological sciences
  • Young-Me Lee, nursing
  • Martin Luby, public service
  • Akilah Martin, School for New Learning
  • Arieahn Matamonasa-Bennett, School for New Learning
  • Mary Mindak, accountancy
  • Caterina Mongiat Farina, modern languages
  • Gary Novak, cinematic arts
  • Alexandra Novakovic, education
  • Zachary Ostrowski, art, media and design
  • Sheryl Overmyer, Catholic studies
  • Cynthia Putnam, computing
  • Matthew Ragas, communications
  • Ramya Ramanath, public service
  • Richard Rocco, marketing
  • John Schlichtman, sociology
  • Anna Souchuk, modern languages
  • Jane Spears, computing
  • Robert Steel, cinematic arts
  • Avraham Stoler, economics
  • Hai Long Tran, communications
  • Mingjun Zhou, accountancy

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

  • Oliver Jagoutz, geology
  • Markus Klute, physics
  • Elizabeth Nolan, chemistry
  • Philippe Rigollet, mathematics
  • Feng Zhang, biomedical engineering

Western Michigan University

  • Kyle Brink, management
  • Timothy Broadwater, aviation sciences
  • Christina Chin, art
  • Martha Councell-Vargas, music
  • Yvonne Ford, nursing
  • Regina Garza Mitchell, educational leadership, research and technology
  • Brian Gogan, English
  • Megan Grunert-Kowalske, chemistry
  • Valerian Kwigizile, civil and construction engineering
  • Dwandra Lampkin, theater
  • Leah Omilion-Hodges, communication
  • Kelley O’Reilly, marketing
  • Sharon Peterson, educational leadership, research and technology
  • Doris Ravotas, interdisciplinary health programs
  • Jagjit Singh Saini, accountancy
  • Mary Ellen Sartoris, social work
  • Thomas Schultz, accountancy
  • Michelle Suarez, occupational therapy
  • Luchara Wallace, special education and literacy studies
  • Zee-Sun Yun, family and consumer sciences


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