Newly Tenured ... at Bemidji State, Elizabethtown, Hendrix, Quinnipiac, St. Lawrence

September 8, 2016

The following individuals have recently been awarded tenure by their colleges and universities:

Bemidji State University

  • Mahmoud Al-Odeh, technology, art and design
  • Porter Coggins, professional education
  • Keith Gora, psychology
  • Andrew Graham, technology, art and design
  • Andrew Hafs, biology
  • Brian Hiller, biology
  • Donna Pawlowski, speech communication and English
  • Susan Rickers, social work
  • Janine Wahl, professional education
  • Young Seob Son, business administration

Elizabethtown College

  • Sara A. Atwood, engineering and physics
  • Aaron L. Cecala, biology
  • Tomas E. Estrada, engineering and physics
  • Kyle C. Kopko, political science
  • Kevin T. Shorner-Johnson, music
  • Nobuaki Takahashi, Japanese and Asian studies

Hendrix College

  • Chris Camfield, mathematics
  • Peter Gess, international relations
  • Dionne Jackson, education
  • Cathy Jellenik, French

Quinnipiac University

  • Rebecca Bamford, philosophy
  • Sasha Bryson, history
  • Kenneth Cormier, English
  • Jennifer Herbst, law and medical sciences
  • Thornton Lockwood, philosophy
  • Thomas Martin, biomedical sciences
  • Emily McCave, social work
  • Filippo Naitana, modern languages
  • Nicholas Nicholson, nursing
  • Glenda Pritchett, English
  • Lauren Sardi, sociology
  • Michael Sheehan, psychology
  • David Tomczyk, entrepreneurship and strategy
  • Renée Tursi, English
  • Grace Yukich, sociology

St. Lawrence University

  • Sarah Barber, English
  • Jayantha Jayman, global studies
  • Shelley McConnell, government
  • Alexander Stewart, geology


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