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It's one of the best months of the year. The sun is shining, it's heating up and flowers are blooming.

But we're all stuck inside.

Let's forget about that for a moment with some palate cleansers.

First up, we have a delightful video from the Humane Rescue Alliance in D.C. in celebration of May 4.

If you need something for your mental health right now, but therapy isn't an option, try these free worksheets. (I know, it sounds silly, but they're helpful!)

Music continues to be a theme in how colleges are helping boost their communities' spirits. The Concordia Conservatory, part of Concordia College, gathered students and others together (virtually) for a live broadcast you can now watch on YouTube. ​

Let’s get to the news.

President Trump wants schools -- K-12 and postsecondary -- to reopen in September, though he expressed concern about the health of older faculty members.

While many institutions have already announced their plans for the fall, or at least intentions, Princeton University said it's waiting until July to decide whether to reopen campus.

Some Democratic lawmakers are proposing forgiving student loans for those who attended the for-profit ITT Tech or Corinthian Colleges in the next COVID-19 relief package. Many of those borrowers have been waiting for the Education Department to process their claims.

The Century Foundation found that community colleges received a smaller share of emergency grants from the CARES Act, despite serving many students who are low income.

Another one bites the dust -- Holy Family College, a small religious institution in Wisconsin, announced it will close by the end of August.

Here’s a quick roundup of our latest stories, in case you’ve fallen a bit behind (we don’t blame you):

University hospitals are struggling as they lose revenue from postponed elective procedures and spend cash on treating COVID-19, Emma Whitford reports.

Prospective students are starting to ask to defer their admissions, and admissions officers are trying to figure out how to build a class no one wants to join, Elizabeth Redden writes.

Scott Jaschik has another story on admissions. This one looks at how private colleges are reopening their admissions for this year in an effort to recruit more students.

Faculty members want a say in their working conditions if colleges go face-to-face next year, Colleen Flaherty reports.

Does the emergency aid funding for students included in the CARES Act really exclude undocumented students? Kery Murakami found some answers.

News From Elsewhere

In Boston, colleges are preparing for enrollment drops -- whether or not they reopen campuses, the Boston Herald reports.

The online program management company 2U sees the pandemic as an opportunity to grow, Education Dive reports.

The last recession shifted what students majored in. Quartz looks at whether those trends could change again.

Percolating Thoughts

This is a time when everyone has an opinion. As journalists, we try not to have opinions, but we've gathered some interesting ones from others.

The CEO of Edmit has some thoughts on what colleges can do to support students right now, including accepting more transfer credits and creating mentorship programs.

In a similar vein, the Century Foundation has a post up on how colleges can use the student aid they received to improve equity.

Clare McCann, of New America, tweeted out some thoughts on the proposed new regulations for distance education.

Have any percolating thoughts or notice any from others? Feel free to send them our way or comment below.

We’ll continue bringing you the news you need in this crazy time. Keep sending us your questions and story ideas. We’ll get through this together.

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