Coronavirus News Roundup for June 4

Everything you need to know for Thursday about higher ed and the coronavirus in one easy-to-read package.

June 4, 2020

The world -- or at least, the U.S. -- is still a maelstrom.

I've been hesitant to include any palate cleansers in the past few roundups. Not much has changed since I made the decision to take a break. But it's important to continue looking for the light in times like this if you are fighting for things like justice and change. Everyone needs to take some moments to smile.

I don't have it in me to go searching for happy things right now. But I did get this nice piece of news sent to my inbox.

Excelencia in Education, a nonprofit aimed at improving Latinx student success, will be hosting a campaign to help Latinx students celebrate their graduations after a virtual spring semester.

And here's a delightful story on people in New Orleans growing their own food, complete with a photo of a chicken in the driver's seat.

To the news.

Colleen Flaherty talked with academics about what recent events -- George Floyd's death, nationwide protests, police brutality -- mean for our future.

Two Atlanta police officers were fired for forcibly removing two black college students from their car, tasing them and arresting them without explanation, Greta Anderson reports.

College leaders have been calling for liability protection to protect them if they reopen campuses in the fall. Kery Murakami explored whether that is the right thing to do.

Lindsay McKenzie and Emma Whitford teamed up to report on just exactly what kind of lawsuits colleges may face come the fall.

A professor talked with Doug Lederman about the ups and downs of trying to help faculty members improve during a pandemic.

News From Elsewhere

Consumer advocates are asking the Federal Trade Commission to investigate Vemo Education, an income-sharing company, Education Dive reports.

Football players have already started testing positive for COVID-19 at Oklahoma State University, CBS Sports reports.

A local news station reports on a new scam targeting college students during the pandemic.

Percolating Thoughts

This is a time when everyone has an opinion. As journalists, we try not to have opinions, but we've gathered some interesting ones from others.

The president of Dillard University calls for an end to statements and the start of action.​

An associate professor of labor studies at Rutgers University wrote for The Chronicle of Higher Education about the need for higher education to lead with its values.

Have any percolating thoughts or notice any from others? Feel free to send them our way or comment below.

We’ll continue bringing you the news you need in this crazy time. Keep sending us your questions and story ideas. We’ll get through this together.



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