Tenure Awarded at… Hawai‘i CC, Virginia Tech, Winthrop

July 6, 2022

Hawai‘i Community College

  • Jeanne C. Batallones, counsel and guidance
  • Carrie J. Butler, business education
  • Susie M. Dill, business education and accounting
  • Lisa M. Fukumitsu, academic support and student success
  • Camille A. Hernandez, nursing
  • Drew E. Kapp, social science
  • Glenn-Dee N. Kuwaye, counsel and guidance and counseling
  • Tagi F. Qolouvaki, English
  • Noel K. Tagab-Cruz, humanities

Virginia Tech

  • Colin Adams, aerospace and ocean engineering
  • Alan Asbeck, mechanical engineering
  • Andrea Baldwin, sociology
  • Manish Bansal, industrial and systems engineering
  • Oumar Barry, mechanical engineering
  • Edward Becker, School of Architecture + Design
  • Joseph Bedford, School of Architecture + Design
  • Michael Borowski, School of Visual Arts
  • Bradley Bowen, education
  • Wenjun (Rebecca) Cai, materials science and engineering
  • Charles Calderwood, psychology
  • Mauro Caraccioli, political science
  • Jing Chen, biological sciences
  • Jiangtao Cheng, mechanical engineering
  • Lauren Childs, mathematics
  • Ashley Dayer, fish and wildlife conservation
  • Sanket Deshmukh, chemical engineering
  • Scott England, aerospace and ocean engineering
  • Christopher Franck, statistics
  • Matthew Fullen, education
  • Christine Gilbert, aerospace and ocean engineering
  • David Haak, School of Plant and Environmental Sciences
  • Rebecca Hester, science, technology and society
  • Matthew Hicks, computer science
  • Erin Hotchkiss, biological sciences
  • Susan Hotle, civil and environmental engineering
  • Gabriel Isaacman-VanWertz, civil and environmental engineering
  • Jeffrey Jackson, human development and family science
  • Eric Jardine, political science
  • Timothy Jarome, animal and poultry sciences
  • Xiaoting Jia, electrical and computer engineering
  • Blake Johnson, industrial and systems engineering
  • Eojina Kim, hospitality and tourism management
  • Andrea L’Afflitto, industrial and systems engineering
  • Catherine Larochelle, agricultural and applied economics
  • Zheng Li, mechanical engineering
  • Honghu Liu, mathematics
  • Jeremi London, engineering education
  • Luca Massa, aerospace and ocean engineering
  • Vitor Mercadante, animal and poultry sciences
  • Meryl Mims, biological sciences
  • Gonzalo Montero, modern and classical languages and literatures
  • Gota Morota, animal and poultry sciences
  • Thomas O’Donnell, physics
  • Eyvindur Palsson, mathematics
  • Ashley Reichelmann, sociology
  • Shima Shahab, mechanical engineering
  • Ian Shoemaker, physics
  • Annie Stevens Irrera, School of Performing Arts
  • Liang Tan, accounting and information systems
  • Ming Chew Teo, modern and classical languages and literatures
  • Sharone Tomer, School of Architecture + Design
  • Elif Tural, School of Architecture + Design
  • Eli Vlaisavljevich, biomedical engineering and mechanics
  • Rachel Weaver, School of Visual Arts
  • Susan Whitehead, biological sciences
  • Hyesoo Yoo, School of Performing Arts
  • Hang Yu, materials science and engineering
  • Bo Zhang, School of Plant and Environmental Sciences
  • Tingting Zhao, modern and classical languages and literatures

Winthrop University

  • Jared Androzzi, physical education
  • Duha Hamed, math
  • Jeremy Mims, music
  • Karen Oremus, fine arts

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