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Accuracy in Media, the group behind what it calls infamous mobile billboards and what others call doxing trucks, has now targeted faculty members at the University of Colorado at Boulder, The Daily Camera reports.

“The truck was spotted outside the Hale Science building while showing headshots of faculty members under the headline ‘Boulder’s Leading Antisemites,’” the Boulder newspaper reported Tuesday. The truck, it said, was targeting ethnic studies department members.

The department received public backlash in October for a “Palestine Support Statement” it posted on its website. A current statement on the website, dated Oct. 30, says that because the department “and our faculty, staff, and students find ourselves under attack for the statement we had previously shared on our website, we are removing the statement because we do not wish anyone in our community to feel unsafe.”

“We as a department are staunchly against antisemitism and Islamophobia in all forms,” the new statement says. “We condemn the rising incidents of harm and harassment toward Jewish, Muslim, and Arab, specifically Palestinian, peoples.”

The trucks have previously targeted students at Harvard, Yale and Columbia Universities.

Adam Guillette, AIM’s president, told Inside Higher Ed that the truck was only targeting the department’s leaders. He said the department “issued an incredibly antisemitic statement.”

“We’re going to make it clear that we will be stopping their efforts to normalize antisemitism,” he said. But he said the truck likely won’t be on campus the rest of the week and he’s unsure when it will return. Someone spray painted the truck within a few hours of its being on campus Tuesday, Guillette said.

A university spokeswoman wrote in an email that “we saw social media posts of the truck on campus” starting Tuesday.

“The University of Colorado Boulder condemns tactics designed to intimidate and threaten our students, faculty, and staff,” she wrote. “Outside groups publicly attempting to shame CU community members is not a productive way to address the difficult conversations facing our society in a respectful and civil manner. We will continue to support all of our students, faculty, and staff and have provided resources to those who have been maliciously identified against their will.”

She wrote that Boulder “is a public campus, so as long as the truck is not blocking traffic or otherwise disrupting campus operations, they are free to drive around. Nevertheless, CU Boulder Police Department is closely monitoring the situation in order to both keep the campus safe and avoid any disruptions.”