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A bill that would ban diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives at certain public institutions in Alabama—including colleges and universities—passed a state Senate committee on Wednesday, according to Alabama Political Reporter.

Among other things, Senate Bill 129 prohibits public entities “from maintaining a diversity, equity, and inclusion office or department or sponsoring any diversity, equity, and inclusion program or program that advocates for a divisive concept.”

The list of divisive concepts includes the notion “that any race, color, religion, sex, ethnicity, or national origin is inherently superior or inferior” and “that slavery and racism are aligned with the founding principles of the United States.”

The legislation, sponsored by more than 20 Republicans, passed the committee 7 to 3, reported. It would impact at least eight of the state’s 14 public four-year institutions, which currently have DEI offices.

The legislation also includes what’s been called a bathroom bill, which would prohibit individuals on college campuses from using a restroom that doesn't correspond to the sex they were assigned at birth; violators could be disciplined or fired.

The bill now moves to the Senate floor, and if it passes there, on to the House.