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Latino students have been continuously underrepresented at selective private colleges and universities, according to a new report by the Education Trust, a research and advocacy organization.

The report, released Wednesday, analyzed Latino enrollment data at the country’s 122 most selective private higher ed institutions from 2000 to 2020. Institutions were given “access scores” based on the extent that their Latino enrollment reflected the demographics of the states from which students came.

Most institutions had slight increases in Latino enrollment since 2000; only two had no increase at all. The percentage of institutions receiving D and F access scores dropped 10 percentage points from 2000 to 2020, but that still left 88 percent of the institutions with a D grade or below. A total of 113 institutions received failing grades. Only two institutions received A grades, one earned a C grade and two received D grades.

“This report shows that despite being the fastest-growing demographic since 2000, Latino students have lacked access to some of the country’s most prestigious institutions,” said Sandra Perez, report author and policy analyst at EdTrust. “Failure to address the historic exclusions of these marginalized communities at elite universities will have a collective impact on our nation’s social and economic prosperity.”