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Students raise their hands in a seminar

Positive Partnership: Creating Equity in Gateway Course Success

The Gardner Institute’s Courses and Curricula in Urban Ecosystems initiative works alongside institutions to improve success in general education courses.

A man holds two white takeout boxes of food.

Student Wellness Tip: Creating Campus Access to Free Meals

Efforts to remedy food insecurity at three institutions demonstrate various strategies to assist students with this basic need, from implementing new technologies to offering centralized locations.

Cropped concept photo of hands on a laptop, filling out some kind of questionnaire. Color scheme is blue.

Students and Academic Life: The Top 10 Insights

The biggest takeaways from our Student Voice survey on academic life have implications for teaching practices, deadline flexibility, grading, advising and more.

Calley Stevens Taylor works with a student on their laptop.

Student Success Champion: Calley Stevens Taylor Breaks Silos in Student Services

As the vice president for student success and engagement at Cedar Crest College, Calley Stevens Taylor is establishing a union between academic and student affairs and unifying the student experience.

Students are gathered in a circle, all using their cellphones and looking down at the devices.

Students Take a Detour From Digital Overuse

When Yueying Yu and a peer established and grew the Social Media Is Bad club, they learned the power in connecting and identifying solutions to shared problems while face-to-face.

Ep. 96: Creating Higher Ed Experiences That Transform Lives

How can colleges ensure that all students emerge with a sense of agency and purpose that improves their well-being decades later?

Concept image of three professionals, one carrying a oversize pencil, one looking at a smartphone and one holding papers. Charts hang in the background. Color scheme is blue, orange, white and black.

Diversifying Course Materials: A How-To Guide

Looking to incorporate more varied perspectives and voices into your course materials? Experts across fields offer tips for doing so.

Three therapy dogs sit on a blue couch.

Student Wellness Tip: Therapy Dogs for Daily Destressing

Nazareth College provides weekly dog office hours for students to engage in animal-assisted mental health and wellness interventions.