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Concept photo of an open gray laptop on the right that opens up and becomes a book with pages on the left. Background is blue.

Affordability, Accessibility Top Course Materials Concerns

Survey: College students worry about price and, to a lesser degree, sourcing when it comes to course materials.

Four students at the Illinois Institute of Technology complete a colorful paper construction project.

Career Exploration Offers Options for Undeclared STEM Students

Illinois Institute of Technology will launch its Discover+ program this fall, enabling students who haven’t taken advanced-level math and science courses to explore STEM careers without losing time toward degree completion.

A man browses suit jacket options hanging on a rack.

Career Prep Tip: Address Definitions of Professional Dress

Landing the first job out of college is one hurdle students face, but learning how to dress for work is another. Institutions can support students’ career development by establishing a professional dress guide.

Ithaca College students sit at long tables together in a classroom.

Student-Facing Dashboard Provides Clarity for Advisers

A new student success database at Ithaca College focuses on individuals’ information, providing insight into academics, extracurriculars and obstacles to success.

Four students at Spelman College run on treadmills.

Mandatory Wellness Curriculum Benefits Campus and Community Members

Spelman College added required physical activity courses to its curriculum in 2015, benefiting students and staff as well as creating a more active campus culture.

A group of college students sit in a circle during group therapy.

On-Campus Outpatient Program Addresses Complex Student Needs

Rutgers University’s Next Step counseling services allow students to receive care and remain enrolled in the institution, eliminating barriers to higher-level counseling help.

A scientist measures levels in a body of water.

Academic Success Tip: Promote LGBTQ+ Safety and Inclusion in the Field

A paper led by an Earlham College professor of biology and environmental sustainability offers best practices in LGBTQ+ inclusion in field science work.

A student looks up as she walks on a busy staircase on a campus.

Cut Through the Noise

Students can stay focused and happy in a hectic world, writes certified mental performance consultant Greg Young, who offers three strategies based on his work with student athletes.