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A broken pencil on a multiple-choice test form

Layoffs and ‘Transformation’ at a Testing Titan

ETS, which administers the SAT and owns the GRE, laid off 6 percent of its workforce. Some say the blow reflects the diminished role of testing in college admissions.

A small, diverse group of student leaders smiles at the camera in an office space. One is a wheelchair user. They have folders and coffee, as if in a meeting.

Following the Leaders: Understanding and Promoting Student Leadership

Student Voice results show that students with certain advantages are more likely to have held leadership positions on campus than peers. Here’s why that matters and what institutions can do to help boost students’ leadership creds.

A close-up of a person's hands holding a globe along with a scrap of paper that says, in cursive, "English."

A Proposal to Revive the English Major

G. Thomas Couser proposes rebranding and reimagining the English major as Global English Studies.

Five nursing students smile at Jessie, a spaniel dog, in her white dog bed

Student Wellness Tip: Therapy Dogs Ease Academic Stress for Nursing Students

Many colleges welcome therapy dogs to campus to support students, especially during exam times, but measuring the impact is less common. A recent pilot study found therapy dogs can decrease student stress when they are present in the classroom throughout the term.

Wesleyan Goes Loan-Free for All Students

Wesleyan University in Connecticut announced Thursday that it would eliminate loans from its financial aid packages, joining a select group...
A Black man in a blue suit and tie and a Latino man in a gray suit and tie face off over the U.S. Capitol

A Political Standoff Over Affirmative Action

Politicians are settling into entrenched positions in the fight over how to interpret the Supreme Court’s affirmative action ban. Where does that leave colleges?

An outstretched hand holds a tampon and a pad.

Clemson Removes Menstrual Products From Men’s Restrooms

To support transgender men, a number of colleges put period products in men’s bathrooms. Now Clemson, in an apparent nod to political pressure, has eliminated them.

Protesting Iowa Grad Students Shut Down Board Meeting

Protesting graduate students shut down a University of Iowa Board of Regents meeting Wednesday, disrupting the event with demands for...