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The Collegian, the student newspaper of Ashland University, has a purple banner across the top and features the headline "Campo departs at end of year."

A Clash Over Student Journalism

Ted Daniels, the former adviser for The Collegian at Ashland University, believes his contract was not renewed because he taught students investigative journalism. Administrators deny his claims.

Five stacks of white printed syllabus magazines sit on a beige table next to a long black stapler.

Academic Success Tip: Create a Syllabus Zine

A chemical engineering professor at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst redesigned her syllabus as a mini magazine to promote student engagement, share her beliefs and offer greater resources to her students.

Math instructor at the whiteboard with students in front of him raising their hands.

College Completion Most Influenced by Who’s Teaching and How

A new study found that high school GPA and socioeconomic status are not as determinative as instructors in helping students pass introductory college math and earn degrees. 

Weekly Wisdom | Interview with ASU VP & COO Dr. Chris Howard

Get inspired by this incredible conversation about leadership with ASU VP & COO Dr. Chris Howard

People walk past a sign that says NACAC in a convention center hall

Dispatch From a Post–Affirmative Action NACAC

College admissions counselors gathered at their annual conference last week, where the end of affirmative action loomed large among a host of other issues from a tumultuous year.

A male counselor speaks with a female client.

Mentoring Students 101

Many faculty and staff members serve as mentors and advisers for students and student organizations. Here are the basics on ways to best support students’ co-curricular skill development.

2 Proposed Academic Programs in Maryland Rejected

The Maryland Higher Education Commission rejected proposals for physical therapy doctoral programs at Johns Hopkins University and Stevenson University after...
A sign (approximating a road sign) reads "Test Free Zone," with a standardized test score sheet circled and crossed through in red.

Test-Free Admissions: Why Wait?

While test-optional policies are already the norm, the University of California’s experience points toward test-free admissions as the next best step, Julie J. Park and OiYan Poon write.