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Academic Success Tip: Engaging and Motivating Student Advisees

Academic advising involves building trusting relationships with students. One adviser explains practices that help students articulate their academic and personal needs while learning to advocate for themselves.

Painting a Picture of More Student-Centric Career Services

Better serving students in career preparation requires a strong understanding of what’s working and what isn’t, plus creative ideas for making career-focused events enticing and boosting utilization of available supports. Cross-campus discussion of three key questions can help.

Defining, Measuring and Unifying Approaches to Student Success

What does it mean to succeed in college? Discussion at the Student Success US event centered around how higher ed professionals, their institutions and students at different stages in postsecondary education might answer that key question.

How Jane Swift Is Supporting Meaningful Student Work

In this Q&A, Swift, new president of the nonprofit Education at Work, shares how her organization is working with colleges and corporations to help students gain valuable, and paid, real-world experiences—plus what she thinks career centers and educators must do to better prepare students.

Student Wellness Tip: Support Tech Breaks, in Class and on Campus

Helping students to disconnect involves encouraging self-reflection on technology use, no-tech class activities and apps and phone settings that provide motivation for more no-mobile-device time.

All in a Day’s Work: Professor as Student

Joe Hoyle, an accounting professor at the University of Richmond, enrolls in classes—particularly in subjects he knows little about—so that he can be a better teacher himself.

Program Innovation: Alums and Career Services Delivering Financial Literacy Lessons

Women at Scripps College learn the fundamentals of financial literacy from alumnae, plus participate in a salary negotiation workshop led by career services staff—building confidence while providing perspective on what to expect.