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et tu Yale and Brown (and UT-Austin)?

Jim Jump reflects on moves by three more universities to reinstate standardized test requirements.

What to Make of Dartmouth?

Jim Jump considers Dartmouth’s decision to reinstate standardized testing “in context.”

FAFSA Fiasco

Admissions counselors should exercise empathy and flexibility this cycle, Jim Jump writes.

Welcome to the Admissions ‘Luckocracy’

The degree to which the college admission process is a meritocracy may be in question—but it’s most certainly a luckocracy, Jim Jump writes.

My Last Rec Letter

The high school counselor’s letter of recommendation is an art form, Jim Jump writes.

Oh, Vandy

Vanderbilt’s criticism of the U.S. News ranking methodology is tone-deaf at best, Jim Jump writes.

Preference for Privilege

As new data make all the more clear, we should be ashamed of the ways in which elite college admissions privilege children of the wealthy, Jim Jump writes.

Ethical College Admissions: A Very Disappointing Decision

Jim Jump’s critique of the Supreme Court ruling on affirmative action.