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Gloomy Financial Outlook for British Universities

Four in five institutions could face deficits given stalling domestic enrollment and declines in international recruitment, if higher education regulator warns.

Student Chatbot Use ‘Could Be Increasing Loneliness’

Study finds students who rely on ChatGPT for academic tasks feel socially supported by artificial intelligence at the expense of their real-life relationships.

Can Interim ‘Troubleshooter’ Presidents Turn Universities Around?

U.K. universities, in increasingly dire financial straits, are turning to experienced hands to steady the ship. But is short-termism really what institutions need?

Is Substack a Brave New World for Academic Publishing?

The platform offers scholars a way of building a profile and livelihood away from universities, but what makes a successful Substacker, and is there really room for everyone?

Will Americans Come to a Welsh City for Higher Education?

Wrexham Glyndwr thinks it can get them, with a little help from Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney.