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Does Climate Activism Help or Hinder an Academic Career?

Scientists involved in blocking roads and invading private jet terminals say they’ve lost out on promotions and been reported by students, but others cite their protests in grant applications as forms of research output.

Wiley Journal Board Resigns After Monthlong Strike

Departing editors accept that there’s “no shortage of academics” to replace them as they call for “concerted action.”

Israeli University Leaders Walk Tightrope Over Knesset Vote

Institutional leaders say a vote curbing Supreme Court powers has forced them to speak out, but they must still consider pro-government faculty and staff as the state heads for civil strife.

Threats of Mass Resignation From Board of Elsevier Journal

The publisher wants to replace the editor of Design Studies.

‘Interference and Underfunding’ Threaten Polish Research Funder

Its grant approvals are quite low, and politics appear to have an influence in what gets funded.

British Scholars Split on Funds From Russia

Law firms offer money to experts who can say a person isn’t close enough to Putin to justify sanctions.