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Three More Questions for Yellowdig’s Shaunak Roy

On human connections, student isolation, AI and online learning.

Can We Trust Social Science Research?

Issues of bias, credibility, politics, reliability and reproducibility.

The Power of a Story Arc in Scholarly Writing

Transforming research into riveting narratives.

Art in the Age of Screens

Strategies to rekindle love for the arts.

No, AI Should Not Be a Student’s Co-Pilot

Treating AI as a co-pilot is tempting, but in learning, the bigger temptation is for students to use it as a subcontractor, and that’s not good.

The Tragic History of American Communism

Idealism betrayed, dreams shattered, promises broken.

Mastering Side-Door Content: The Key to Videos That Win the Battle for Attention

Design a modern video content strategy that engages prospects and builds brand affinity.