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Lessons Learned From Ohio

Scaling statewide credit for industry credentials.

The AI-Augmented Professor of 2024

It is early August 2024. I am about to begin the fall term of teaching, research, administrative tasks and advising with the help of generative artificial intelligence tools and assistants.

Whole Student Development

Integrating socio-psychological growth into higher education.

3 Questions for Stanford’s Carissa Little

A conversation with an associate dean of global and online education.

The Central Role of the Study of Tragedy

To better prepare undergraduates for life’s complexities, place tragedy front and center in humanities classes.

Higher Education’s Forgotten Aim

The misguided priorities of the contemporary university.

A ‘Universities on Fire’–Inspired Reading List

A list of books and reviews on climate change and higher education.

Student Activism as a Catalyst for Institutional Reflection

How recent protests are redefining educational priorities, policies and practices.