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The eight-columned rotunda surrounding the “Old Well” at the university of North Carolina at Chapel Hill campus.

Sometimes the Right Is Right

Universities should work with right-leaning critics who want to strengthen academia’s distinctive culture, Jenna Silber Storey and Benjamin Storey write.

A group of six college students sits on the floor in a living room/common area having what appears to be an engaged, supportive discussion.

In Admissions and on Campus, a More Self-Aware, Self-Compassionate Student Body

Applicants and current students alike are increasingly comfortable talking about their mental health—and that’s something to celebrate, Lisa Kaenzig and Melanie Sage write.

A picture of the tall clock tower at the University of Texas at Austin

DEI Isn’t Scary; Political Purges Are

Layoffs of dozens of employees who previously held DEI-related roles at UT Austin leave students and the state worse off, Ryan A. Miller writes.

A close-up of a student’s hands on a laptop keyboard with icons relating to AI seeming to emanate from the computer.

Bridging the AI Divide: A Call to Action

Leaders must take steps to prevent low-income and first-gen students from falling further behind, Adela de la Torre and James Frazee write.

A basketball hoop in an empty stadium.

NCAA, Heal Thyself

Any real reform in college sports needs to start with autonomy for the major programs and conferences, Josephine R. Potuto and Brian Shannon write.

Silhouette of a man in a suit walking through an empty hallway at night.

Five Actions to Address Inequities in Course Scheduling

Scheduling courses mainly during the day is not just an inefficient use of classroom space but also a barrier to equitable course availability, writes higher ed space planning consultant Chris Morett.

A hand can be seen adjusting a black and white sign that reads “CLOSED.”

Yes, Colleges Do Close

Many will soon—and leaders’ collective refusal to discuss this openly only makes things worse, John J. Smetanka writes.

An aerial view of the University of Texas at Austin campus.

UT Austin’s Decision Is the One to Watch

The choice to reinstate a standardized test requirement speaks to how testing can be used to support student success, not just admission, Yoon S. Choi writes.