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A map of the U.S. with a magnifying glass over California.

Following in California’s Footsteps

California has much to teach the rest of the country about attaining a diverse student body in absence of race-conscious admissions, Michael Blacher and Gabriella Kamran write.

The book cover for Jason Blakely's "Lost in Ideology: Interpreting Modern Political Life" features yellow lettering against the background of a black and white maze.

Lost in Ideology

Scott McLemee reviews Jason Blakely’s Lost in Ideology: Interpreting Modern Political Life.

A stack of four wooden blocks with the words "Diversity, Equity and Inclusion" against an orange background.

DEI and the Necessity of Self-Defense

For defenders of campus diversity, equity and inclusion programs, now is the time to fight back, Mathew H. Gendle writes.

A drawing of a human brain made of gray jigsaw puzzle pieces with a single red piece that bears the acronym "AI," illustrating the concept of artificial intelligence.

The Program-Level AI Conversations We Should Be Having

Now is the time to progress to program-level conversations around curriculum and learning outcomes, Kathleen Landy writes.

A group of four students, carrying backpacks, walk away from the camera down the hallway of a university building.

What Are the Values of a University?

Now more than ever, we need to affirm what a university stands for, Dan Edelstein writes.

The word "admission," the text written in white, is offset against a red and tan background.

Rethinking Grad Admissions in a Post-SFFA World

Nick Eubank writes that a mission-derived rubric can help programs admit students with a wide range of life experiences.

A close-up of the facade of the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception.

Whom Would Jesus Cancel?

Alex Small offers a Catholic defense of academic freedom in the wake of a Catholic University of America lecturer’s firing.

A male teacher leads four students, sitting in a circle and two of them at desks while two of them are sitting on top of desks.

A Blueprint for Improving Campus Dialogue and Belonging

Administrators focused on supporting meaningful engagement across lines of difference should consider 10 principles to bring about change, writes Caroline Mehl of the Constructive Dialogue Institute.