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A computer screen and a smartphone both bear the logo and name of “ChatGPT” against a white background.

GPTs for Scholars: Enablers of Shoddy Research?

The GPTs that offer scholarly citations may eliminate the issue of hallucinated (fake) citations, but they pose other problems, Mohammad Hosseini and Kristi Holmes write.

The headline and subhead for Ben Sasse's recent The Wall Street Journal op-ed is overlaid against a photo of Sasse, who is smiling widely. The text reads: "The Adults Are Still in Charge at the University of Florida: Higher education isn't  daycare. Here are the rules we follow on free speech and public protests."  Below that text, in smaller print, there is an attribution: "Ben Sasse, University of Florida President/Commentary in The Wall Street Journal"

The Unbearable Hypocrisy of Ben Sasse

The University of Florida president ignores the most serious threats facing higher ed, Brian Rosenberg writes.

A man wearing an orange T-shirt has his head down on an open textbook as he holds up a cardboard sign with the word “HELP” in capital red letters on it.

Three Ways to Create a Culture of Help-Seeking Behavior on Campus

The act of asking for help is something that doesn’t come naturally to all students, and higher ed has a responsibility to invest in efforts to improve help-seeking, write student success professionals Cecilia Santiago-González and Zoe Lance at Cal Poly Pomona.

Two students, one wearing a keffiyeh, embrace in front of pitched tents at Brown University.

Concessions to Protesters Validate Their Tactics

Sara Coodin writes that college leaders should resist the temptation to reward student disruptors in the name of campus peace.

A standardized test answer sheet, with some bubbles filled in, and a pencil and eraser placed on top.

It’s Not (Really) About Diversity

If diversity is the goal, reinstating standardized tests is not the way, Aaron M. Pallas and Alex Chin write.

Image of the brain in a light bulb with circuit boards.

Harnessing the Power of Generative AI: A Call to Action for Educators

If educators steer the integration of AI with intention and purpose, it can reach its potential as an immense and versatile student success tool, writes faculty member Ripsimé K. Bledsoe. She offers six areas on which to focus efforts.

An image of Earth heating up, with red/orange coloring signaling heat/fire spreading from one side of the planet to the other.

Community Colleges Are Critical to Climate Action

Community colleges are an underutilized resource in meeting climate goals, Cameron Sublett and Jeff Clary write.

A young female teacher in a brightly decorated elementary classroom writes on a whiteboard, as the young students, sitting on the floor, pay close attention.

Learning to Work, Or Working to Learn?

We need a systems approach to making work-to-learn models just as accessible as traditional learn-to-work pathways, Erin Crisp writes.