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The cover of Kathryn Hughes's book "Catland: Louis Wain and the Great Cat Mania," featuring a drawing of the face of a cat.

Wain’s World

Scott McLemee reviews Kathryn Hughes’s biography of Louis Wain, Catland.

A single black chess pawn against a gray background.

Title IX Regs Treat Students as Political Pawns

Students are not well served by the political nature of ever-changing Title IX regulations, Chris Linder writes.

A picture of security camera zoomed in close, inches from an open laptop.

The New Hall Monitor

David Galef considers the privacy implications of logging on to his university’s Wi-Fi network.

A stack of four wooden blocks with the words “Diversity, Equity and Inclusion” against an orange background.

The GOP’s Bad Faith Focus on Campus Antisemitism

The party’s assault on DEI only undermines the ability of colleges to address antisemitism, Jonathan Feingold writes.

A picture of closed school doors with an empty hallway beyond.

Enrollment Planning in the Specter of Closure

Misunderstandings about enrollment management and changing student needs can make a bad situation worse, Mark Campbell and Rachel Schreiber write.

A series of ascending wooden blocks, arranged as steps, with upward arrows linking each of them, with a graduation cap atop the fifth and final step.

Noncredit Pathways: A Federal Policy Blind Spot

States should lead the way in expanding opportunity for noncredit learners, writes Kenyatta Lovett.

A rear view of three college students walking a path across a college campus toward a brick campus building.

A Plan to Save Small Colleges

Small colleges could join forces through a supporting-organization model, Michael Alexander writes.

Crowd of different people at the demonstration. Angry dissatisfied man and woman are protesting with megaphone and placards with banners.

Today’s Students Expect More. Are You Listening?

Students today are more willing to take a stand and advocate for each other than their predecessors, so higher ed leaders can tap into these voices to transform campus life for the better, writes student affairs VP Matt Gregory.